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Colorado DeMolay News

Congratulations to Master Councilor, Kenny and the entire High Plains Chapter! Prospects joined the High Plains members for dinner at their latest event held on Monday! Great job! 
Colorado DeMolay! You won't want to miss this event! It's a favorite every year! Bring in a new member and you both will get to attend for FREE!  
Colorado's Deputy State Master Councilor and State Senior Councilor represented Colorado DeMolay this morning! They both did a great job, and JD addressed the York Rite Bodies on behalf of Colorado DeMolay! Broom field Chapter will be representing Colorado DeMolay at the annual Relay for Life event near their Chapter! ​
Thursday night was a big night for Broomfield Chapter! TWO new members and both seem to be very excited about their future with Colorado DeMolay! Congratulations and welcome! Also, congratulations to Aiden for introducing these young men to DeMolay!
Congratulations to Forrest, Canion, Robert, and Zak! These gentlemen are the newest members of our Junior Advisor program. Please welcome them as they have a lot to offer our Jurisdiction and to our young men! Congrats to Tim who was appointed as a Junior Advisor last year. He's done a great job leading the way for this program and now serves as a... Read More
The young men of Colorado Springs got together and planned a trip to Broomfield Chapter to take possession of the traveling shield! Their trip was a success, and they've taken the shield to the Springs! Where will it go next?
Make sure to join us for the Legion of Honor Investiture being held at 1614 Welton St. at 2 pm. on August 12, 2017. We will be honoring Dad Michael Foster, Dad Rick Robinson, and Dad Jeremiah Smith. They are without a doubt, very deserving of this honor!
The Squires Manor in Colorado Springs inducted a new member while Broomfield Chapter was there visiting! Way to go and welcome to Colorado's newest squire! 
We'll be hosting the Advisor Appreciation Dinner on Sept. 1, 2017. Reception begins at 6:00 pm with dinner being served at 7:00 pm. Please see the Colorado DeMolay Group page for more details! Hope to see you there!
Colorado Springs Chapter truly knows Jacques!  Congratulations on an excellent dinner theater event!