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Colorado DeMolay

You won’t find another organization for young men between the ages of 12 and 21 years that offers character building, leadership training, and life skill development more than DeMolay!

Member Spotlight


Seaghan Ennis is a phenomenal member of the Order of DeMolay since he was initiated over two and a half years ago. He is one of Colorado Springs Chapter’s most active members. He is currently in the position of Master Councilor. Under his office, Colorado Springs DeMolay has created and fueled a Squires Manor which plans to install its fourth member this month. Over the course of his term he has done many things to better his Chapter. He helped create many successful fundraisers to bring chapter assets up to a level that hasn’t been seen in a long time. He has instituted and contributed to an educational committee tasked with informing members in anything from world religion to U.S. traditions. His efforts towards community service have been very impactful. He has participated in events that range from mowing lawns to fingerprinting children at local schools. Seaghan’s Masonic service hours have not gone unnoticed, both in weeding Manitou Lodge and regularly cleaning Spring’s Lodge. His other achievements include participating in over 6 Arch of Steels – a public display designed to mark an important event.  Beyond DeMolay Seaghan has provided a pillar of strength for his mother and his brother who has very strict medical needs. He has been a straight A student for all of his life.  Seaghan is definitely one to look out for. We expect much from him in his coming years. Go DeMolay!