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Colorado DeMolay

You won’t find another organization for young men between the ages of 12 and 21 years that offers character building, leadership training, and life skill development more than DeMolay!

Member Spotlight


Zach, who is now known only as "Spillz",  has been an active member of Golden Chapter for a year and is one of the recipients of Colorado's new Rising Star Awards. Already on track to earn his Attendance Merit bar and attending most DeMolay events, his Rising Star Award is well earned and shows he's a brother to be counted on. He currently holds the office of Junior Deacon, but fills in many other positions when needed. We expect great things from this young man in and out of the DeMolay Chapter room.

And now… How he got his nickname: He was a brand new member and still much of an unknown, when he went with other members to New Mexico's DeMolay Convention. As customary on any DeMolay road trip, a pit- stop was made and Zach purchased a Dr. Pepper. Its subsequent explosion in the Dad Sellars car was the event that brought forth the name “Spillz”; a name that he has enthusiastically taken on as his own.