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You won’t find another organization for young men between the ages of 12 and 21 years that offers character building, leadership training, and life skill development more than DeMolay!

Spotlight Story

Jacob L.

Our Spotlight story congratulates Jake L. who was voted DeMolay of the week for the JO (Jurisdictional Officer) track at Great Plains DLC!

DLC is a place where many of our members from across the country gather to spend a week getting to know one another while also learning about leadership and brotherhood. This year, Jake was one of many young men nominated to receive the DeMolay of the Week Award. After careful consideration, young men are nominated and then voted upon, the young man with the majority of the votes takes home the award. This year, that young man was Jake! He did an outstanding job at DLC leading and encouraging others; he is very deserving of this award! Jake was described as an “all around good guy and a great DeMolay brother.” His nomination had many good things to say about him including, “…this young man has displayed the utmost qualities of true leadership and DeMolay spirit…” and, “He is the definition of an authentic leader…” These compliments are true definitions of what it means to be a DeMolay and Jake exemplified these qualities and many more all week at GPDLC! Congratulations again! Way to represent Colorado DeMolay! You have made your jurisdiction and your brothers proud! 

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