DeMolay Emblem The Basic Principles of a DeMolay:

  • Love of parents
  • Respect for others, their beliefs, their opinions, the things they hold sacred
  • Courtesy toward everyone
  • Friendship
  • Faithfulness
  • Cleanness in thought and action
  • Patriotism

DeMolay is the premier youth organization dedicated to teaching young men to be better persons and leaders.

DeMolay is for young men between the ages of twelve and twenty-one. DeMolay members include all types of leaders: United States Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, State Governors, Astronauts, Professional Athletes, and Chairmen of major corporations. DeMolay Alumni include Walt Disney, John Wayne, Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather, to name but a few. Founded in 1919 in Kansas City, Missouri, DeMolay has spread to every state in the Union and several countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Japan, Panama, and the Philippines. Currently there are more than one thousand chapters with over one million alumni.

Under the advisorship of adults, leadership skills, civic awareness, responsibility and character development are learned, through a variety of self directed, real world applications and activities. Some activities DeMolay is involved in are Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, Swimming, Ski Trips, Camping, and Hiking. Other activities may include helping clean city parks, collecting food, raising money for seriously and/or chronically ill children, helping senior citizens, helping local charity groups, and a host of other worthwhile projects. Through these and other activities, the young men of DeMolay develop reverence for one’s own beliefs and respect for others’ beliefs, to love their parents, to be courteous, faithful, and patriotic, all of which prepare the young men of DeMolay to be Tomorrow’s Leaders Today!
DeMolay assists you in growing into a responsible adult with good moral character and provides you with a place to have fun and companionship, be accepted by peers, and develop your social skills. If you would like more information please contact

DeMolay International
10200 N. Ambassador Drive, Kansas City, Missouri 64153
or call 1 -800-DEMOLAY

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