DeMolay teaches many lessons that are incredibly valuable for every young man. We pride ourselves on basing our teachings around seven core values that serve as the foundation of good character.

Love of Family  

One of the great lessons of DeMolay is the lesson of filial love. DeMolay members cherish their parents and hold family teachings close to their hearts. Our members strive to repay the love and care of their parents through kindness and civility. 

Reverence for Sacred Things

An individual's religious beliefs are their own. We encourage our members to carry out their teachings while also respecting the views of others, no matter how different they may be from their own.


A DeMolay is kind and courteous toward others. Not only in public, but also at home and among friends.


Comradeship binds our members together so they may build a lifelong brotherhood. To be a friend is one of the highest honors, but being a brother involves strong ties of loyalty and trust. 


Fidelity means faithful and loyal to all of our obligations in life. By being faithful, our members earn the respect and trust of everyone with whom they come in contact. 


Cleanness extends beyond physical hygiene. It encompasses being purposeful with our words, careful of our actions, and respectful with our thoughts. 


DeMolay encourages each member to be patriotic towards his country and mindful of those who serve to protect it. Whether through service or by being an exemplary citizen.