Below, please select the parts your team wishes to perform and compete in for the 2023 Colorado State Team Ritual Tournament. Chapters may only combine members for competition with the written approval of the ritual administrator. Only one (1) entry per Chapter in each content.

Qualified Persons: DeMolay members eligible to participate in competition are those who hold a current membership card in the Order of DeMolay, issued by the one Chapter he may represent in the contest. All parts in the contest must be qualified persons: singers, accompanists, musical directors, technical personnel, etc. Spokesmen and ritual assistants need not be qualified persons. No person who has reached his 21st Birthday by the day of the contest may compete in any contest. This is cause for disqualification.

I certify on my honor that the above-named competitors have been qualified to compete by a Chapter advisor/Ritual advisor. I further certify that all names listed wish to be registered for this competition.

Please submit Registration by clicking submit, or return registration via USPS or by email to Dad Michael Foster. The deadline for all registrations is FEBRUARY 1, 2023. Registrations will not be accepted after the deadline date.

Dad Michael Foster | 9779 Dampler Way Highlands Ranch, CO 80130 | Email: