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Broomfield Chapter


Broomfield Chapter, Order of DeMolay meets every 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month in Broomfield Colorado. Our meetings begin at 7:15 pm and usually last an hour. Every 1st meeting of the month is a formal meeting, and the 2nd meeting is a casual meeting. 

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Hello Colorado, Broomfield has been busy past April and May so let's catch you up.

    In April we held our D&D sessions on the Fridays following the Chapters meetings. One of our meetings was unique because after the meeting we put on a Bob Ross painting night. On the 6th we attended Congress with 5 voting representatives, then spent the night in the lodge with various games. Then on the 16th, we took out the swords in our closet for an Arch of Steel at the Denver Consistory. Next, on the 21st we woke up way too early, to go to the Denver Consistory, once again for their sunrise service on Easter. Finally, Broomfield Chapter had back to back fundraisers on the 26th and 27th, we first got a cut out of our sweet tomatoes sales, and then washed cars at Napa to break the worlds most washed cars….and WE DID!

    In May we only held one D&D session, which was on the 16th, because of an unfortunate lockout with an old lock. Our meetings for this month were more exciting, because, during our first meeting, the Dad and Flower talk were told and then, after our second meeting we made cat blankets( And no there for cats not made out of them). Next, on the 11th we took the chapter to Colorado National Speedway and spent the evening watching cars race and CRASH! Finally, on the 31st we had a splash at Golden's State event, which was filled with water, food, and fun.

This is where we've been, come back later to read about June.

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