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The Traveling Shield of Colorado...

Where is the Traveling Shield?? 

If you've ever found yourself or your Chapter wondering where the Colorado DeMolay Traveling Shield might be? This is the place to find out! The travels of the shield will be recorded and updated right here.

On September 16, Colorado DeMolay unveiled the new traveling Shield. Since the unveiling, the shield has traveled to several of our Chapters and just made its way to Colorado Springs Chapter. The young men of Colorado Springs traveled to Broomfield in pursuit of the shield, they were able to capture it and are now calling it their own.  Remember! The Shield is available for any chapter wanting it! Get some brothers together, plan a quick trip, visit Colorado Springs, have some fun, and go get the shield!

How does my Chapter get the Traveling Shield?

All it takes to get the Shield from another Chapter is to visit that Chapter with five of your Chapter members and two of your advisors. Always make sure you are aware that they are having a business meeting and not going out for an activity, be on time for the opening and stay through the closing.  Installations and Inductions do not count! It has to be a business meeting. It's that simple! 

Shield History recorded in photos (Since Convention 2017)

Colorado Springs travels to Broomfield Chapter 08/17/17

Shield History recorded in Photos (Since Convention 2016)


High Plains receives Shield at Advisor Dinner 09/16/16
Colorado Springs travels to High Plains Chapter 01/23/17
High Plains travels to Colorado Springs Chapter 04/27/17
Broomfield Chapter visits High Plains Chapter 06/13/17

Gavel History recorded in Photos (Since Convention 2015)


High Plains travels to Colorado Springs 08/27/15
Broomfield travels to High Plains 09/14/15
Broomfield "gifts" gavel to Aurora 09/21/15

Gavel History recorded in Photos (Since Convention 2014)


Golden travels to Pueblo 07/07/14
Broomfield travels to Golden 07/16/14
Aurora travels to Broomfield 08/21/14
Colorado Springs travels to Aurora 09/15/14
Pueblo travels to Colorado Springs 10/23/14

Gavel History recorded in Photos (From Convention 2013 - Convention 2014)


Broomfield travels to Golden 08/07/13
Golden travels to Broomfield 09/26/13
Aurora travels to Golden 10/16/13
Golden travels to Aurora 04/22/14
High Plains travels to Golden 00/00/13
Broomfield travels to High Plains 06/09/14
Golden travels to Broomfield 06/19/14